Voucher purchase
Vouchers can be purchased like any other item in our shop. 
As soon as you have purchased and payed the voucher, we will activate the amount and it will be visible as credit in your shopping cart.
Now you can send the voucher as a gift via e-mail by clicking the link "send voucher".
How to send the voucher
To send the voucher as gift voucher, please click the link " send voucher" in your shopping cart area. To send the gift voucher we need the following information: e-mail, first and family name of the reciever as well as the voucher amount that you want to spend. You may spend also only a partial amount of the voucher that you have purchased. In addition, you can add a small note which will be forwarded to the reciever. Please check your data closely before you click the "send" button.
How to purchase with the voucher.
If you have an valid and activated voucher, you can use it to pay your order. After you filled your shopping cart you will be asked to redeem your voucher. If your voucher value is lower than the total price of your selected goods, the difference will remain to be paid. If your shopping cart hold less than the voucher value, the remaining value will be stored for your next shopping round with us.
How to use a gift voucher
If have recieved one voucher as gift via e-mail you can use the voucher amount as listed:
1. Click the link in the recieved e-mail, which will guide you to our shop. If you do not have a customer account with us, you will be offered to open it. 
2. After you have filled your shopping cart and want to check out you can enter the voucher code as described in the section "How to purchase with the voucher " .
If you have some trouble with the voucher system:

If you face any problem by using our voucher system, please contact us by e-mail. In this case please try to descripe the problem as accurate as you can. Also please list your customer number, the voucher code and if it shows up the failure report from the system and which browser type you have used.