Retour Shipping Condition

Retour Shiping Condition

Return right

You can give back the preserved product without information of reasons within two weeks through sending back of the product. The period of time begins at the earliest with receipt of the product and this information. Only near not deliverable  product (for example near unwieldy properties) they can declare the return also through revocation requests in text form therefore for example by letter, fax or E-Mail. For the protection of the period of time the punctual dispatch of the product or the revocation request satisfies.
Always the sending back occurs on our costs and danger. The sending back or the revocation request have to occur at:

Galore-Flightcase GbR GbR
Lange Strasse 5
31547 Rehburg Loccum,
OT Münchehagen,

Return results- In the case of an effective return the on both sides received services of return and where appropriate pulled uses are (z. rite advantages) hand over. At a degradation of the product value substitute can be demanded. This is not valid if the degradation of the product is to be put down to their examination exclusively - as would have been possible to you for instance in the shop -. By the way, they can avoid the value substitute duty when they do not take the product into use as a proprietor and refrain from all which damages their value.
The legal arrangements of the distance heel regulation are valid concerning product told to right of the customer to the return and sending back within the framework of the regulation. Determined as in the regulation, the customer bears the costs of the sending back up to a goods value from 40 Euro, otherwise the vendor bears the costs. The return of opened packages with in part used content is impossible fundamentally provided that there is not any lack The withdrawal right do not exist for lack of other declaration and regardless of other legal definitions with the case of distance heel contracts to the delivery of products, that are created after customer specification or are tailored unambiguously onto the personal needs or that are characterized due to their state not for a sending back or to be able to spoil fast or be exceeded their expiration date. In case of withdrawal or return first of all achieved payments are returned within 30 days.
Return training in accordance with distance delivery law - state 01.09.2002