Easy to handle, strong and universal....

The Flightcase Style

Flightcase STD version


Trunk Case Style


Trunk Case

The chest form (called "Trunk Case") Is the most frequent form in the construction of a Case and can be set in individual messurments. Mostly, the Case is fitted in the content or equipped with upholstery and partitions. Also the possibility to build an Combo Case is given by just turning it over (further info  below).

  Suitcase Style      
Suitcase form

The suitcase is the pristine version of a Case and  most freqeuntly with lhinged lid and looks. The suitcase can be fitted for employ the most different purposes and possibilities and through inside-dividing-walls or accessory holders, the uses are never ending......

  Ramp Style      

Transportcase with ramp

This Case style is designed especially for difficult/heavy subjects or lighting system.

Through a ramp, the content can be moved from and into the Case.

  19" Rack Style      

Double Door Case

Probably, the secound best known application for a Flightcase is the normalized 19" variant. 19" is the mounting width. The height level is indicated in height-unit (HE) and can extend from 1HE to 36HE. This Case design is for the firm mounting for devices. Punched or endless rack rails serve as a mount and can be attached ion the front and the rear side.

From this Case, there are the most different forms available. As for example, the Single-Door Case (only a front lid) or a L-Case (two lids, in front and up) or even with a three lids-system (in front, up and rear) Also, the mounting of ergonomically tiltable keyboard units operating units or of service lids is possible.


  Combo Case Style      

Combo Case

The Combo-Case, can be easy explained as a Case standing on top. The chest form is build, so that a Combo Case arises. That means, that the bottom plate - the smaller component is the bottom and the lid works as a bonnet an it is embedded above. Thus, the inner life can remain in the Case flor. This design is used  for Case-in-Case or  Case-in-Rack types.

It is designed for large and heavy material how can remains mostly in the lower bottom plate.

  The Flightcase in general

The Flightcase is an development designed over years to solve transport problems in special application. A Flightcase should remain easy and nevertheless very stable and long lasting. Allowing also a continuous reuse and furthermore low cost to produce. Through the use of most different materials the Flightcase is the best solution to combine all this inquiries..........