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B70 - Aluminium Box, B70, empty, 595 x 390 x 380 mm

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AT 31070
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Weight per unit: 4,1 kg

B70 -  Aluminium Box, B70, empty, with lid & lock, 595 x 390 x 380 mm

Category: Aluminium Box Type: B 70
Innenmaße (LxBxH); 565 x 360 x 350  mm
Außenmaße:(LxBxH): 595 x 390 x 380 mm
Gewicht: 4100 g 
Inhalt: 70 l
Material: Aluminium
Standardfarbe: Aluminium
Note: With lid / lockable


  • The aluminum box ideal for storage
  • Light, strong and resistant to deformation by deep circumferential groove embossed
  • corrosion, weather and temperature resistant
  • Wall thickness of 0.8 mm thick aluminum
  • Includes mounted cylinder locks with 2 keys simultaneously locking
  • Sturdy folding cover with two tethers that prevent the hinges
  • Selbsteinklappende safety handles, plastic coated handle for easy carrying sympathetic
  • Solid lever locks with holes (5 mm) for padlock or lead seals
  • All-round rubber seal in the box section protects the contents from dust and splashing water
  • Inside diameter 30 mm less than internal