System Cases

System Case

System Cases - Connect and combine boxes and cases easy and secure them for transport.
Basically, all cases are assuitable for teh systemcase-system because they can be together on specific case connectors.

Galore Flightcase has together with customers one system that allows to  combine the individual  standard Case with each other.
It also works with other non-identical cases and thus ensures easy transport and safe handling.

Just tell us the dimensions you need and we do the rest ......

Here we show you in the picture just a few examples and suggestions.
Due to the large variety of feasible options, we ask that you simply address your requirements by e-mail  to us. We will contact you in touch with you and make you an offer.

Price information on standard size Cases 

   "Galore Flightcase Standard Case-Pricelist vers. 2014B"

Pricelist and add nformation for our Flighctcases
Available as PDF data for free download

Here some sample:

Requirement of our customer:
The customer required one set of cases where parts for there often used fair booth are safe and secured be stored and whitch can be shiped easily

The answer: 
One system of diffrent cases (accordingly to the content) how can be equiped together so that nothing get lost during transport. All cases be equiped with additional latches so that the cases afterwards can be locked together. To ensure safe transport also on trucks and trailers in the bigger bottom cases we mount strap down eyes so that the material can be fixed on the trailer-platform.  
  Requirement of our customer:
IT-Server and additional needed equipment (cable, router, etc...) packed. The eqzip,nt will be shipped in front to the training loctaion and need to be easy and fast up. 

The solution:
Several Flightcases build as System-Case. The IT Server where mountet in special shok-moumt 19 Inch Casyes how can be mounted on the trunk case for the additional equipment. To transport the cases easily and to move them around we build some seperated wheel-boards. This allows the customer to carry and combine the sets accordingly to his training part.
Requirement of our customer:
Safe case for transport of presentation material for internatinal fairs.

Our solution: 
Ein Systemcase in dem die beiden One case system unterschiedlich großen Exponate verpackt werden. Das kleiner Case kann dann für den Transport auf dem größeren Case befestigt werden.
Zusätzlich wurden beide Cases als Haubencase (Combo-Case) gefertigt. 
Somit kann die Haube leicht abgenommen werden, da der Inhalt im Boden steht. Anschließend können die wertvollen Exponate leicht und sicher entnommen werden.  
Requirement of our customer:
19" IT Server Sysem how be flexible for transport and how can be selected for the use on side out of different system-components.

Our solution: 
One 19" System-Case,stuckable by use of special bullet corner. 
To fix the cases for transport and to be flexible we used the robe connector system.

This system is has teh atventage that it can be used also by cases with diffrent sizes and dimension.
Requirement of our customer::
One transport system with removable lid for light systems for presentation booth on fairs. .

Our soultion:  
Ons System Case as stuckable systeme where inside each case is segmentet and covered with foam so that each light is stored secured in one special liner.  
Requirement of our customer:
We need one case be varied according to the charge, since the exhibit will be show diffrent combinations, depending on the exhibition.

The solution
 system case - with additional spacers, which can be fitted ccordingly of the load and with additional demand. An additional advantage is that the hood can be removed in parts and don´t need to be lifted above the. Thisbenefit is perfect in normal rooms (ceiling height in part to low) and the weight of the lid to be lifted.
System Cases

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