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Time Keeping Box LARGE - for 3 Person

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Zeitmessstand LARGE
Especially for the Formula 1 we have designed many different flightcases to follow the request of being flexible and mobile and to support the crew on their aim to be fast like their machines......

Our SMALL version is with the dimension of 1250x2500x2500mm (build up dimension) large enough to keep space for 3 adult persons and their equipment. Big windows grant good view and the box can be equipped with one or two doors to get easy access. Inside are various movable tables, brackets and hooks for monitors and other personal equipment possible. We can build the interior based on your needs. And to customize your Time Keeping Box we give you a free choice of color.

Moreover the base box can hold add. inventory like chairs, cables, monitors and many more. It keeps the parts also during transport and storage so that everything has its fixed place and is in time on the spot. Together with an renomated Race-Team, we have designed the mobile Time-Keeping-Box to overcome the known problems with the old tents which have been used so far.

A big variety of add. options isavailable (see overview of Time Keeping Box)

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