Wood color laminated

 Wood  - PVC laminated
We offer plywood or plywood with PVC coating in different colors to us strengths.
This surface lamination consists of rigid PVC centers on the carrier plate a Proven bonding with high-strength adhesive D4 according to DIN 68705 Part 3 and EN 315

Permissible temperature range: -30°C - +90°C
Permissible warping of penal: 50 mm/n
Excess PVC Film on each side: +/- 10 mm
Thickness of PVC Film incl. adhesive film: 0,50 mm +/-0,1 mm
Surface of PVC film: Lather-like grain in various colours
Permissible thickness tolerance (n = normal thickness):
Thickness:  +(0,2 + 0,03n) / -(0,4 – 0,03n) mm
Deviation within panel: 0,6 mm Deviation within width and length: +/- 3 mm Angle tolerance: 1 mm/n
Thickness measured in accordance with EN 324-1, 
Angle squaereness in accordance with EN 324-2

Wood, laminated