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0113 - Aluminium extrusion 35x35x2.0 mm/ á 2m rods

Product No.:
ca. 8-10 days ca. 8-10 days (abroad may vary)
10,66 EUR
5,33 EUR per per Meter

incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs

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Weight per unit: 0,68 kg
Aluminium extrusion with one liner groves 35 x 35 x 2,0 mm,
for use as extrusion, support or side bracket.
Wing 35 x 35 mm, 2,0 mm thick.
Due to handling an transport reason min. length of each rail = 2 meter
We offer cutting on specific length and angle.

The subscription price refers to 2 meters of profile.
Only length of max. 2 meter can be send by postal system, UPS, etc.....
Therefore we will ship, if you are not giving any other notification in advance, the ordered extrusion in
length to max. 2 meter pieces.

Due to the fact that this material needs special handling for cutting

and shipping preparation we will add automatically special shipping
and handling cost in your shopping cart.
Please note, the cuts to length (reduction of 4 m lengths) are excluded from return of sale.
Extrusion length over 2 meter can be shipped only by truck transport.
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