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x12xxxk20s - Plywood + PVC black (RAL9005)

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ca. 8-10 days ca. 8-10 days (abroad may vary)
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from 80,00 EUR
26,88 EUR per m²

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Weight per unit: 9,375 kg
Raw Gabun plywood with PVC coating in black (RAL9005)
Raw Gabun plywood supporting panel laminated on one side with hard PVC film
Approved adhesion with heavy duty D4 adhesive In accordance with DIN 68705 part 3 and EN 315

Sheet dimension 2440 x 1220 mm. = 2.976 m²
Listed price is for one complete sheet.
We offer also cut to your requested dimensions.

Permissible temperature range: -30°C - +90°C
Permissible warping of penal: 50 mm/n
Excess PVC Film on each side: +/- 10 mm
Thickness of PVC Film incl. adhesive film: 0,50 mm +/-0,1 mm
Surface of PVC film: Lather-like grain in various colours
Permissible thickness tolerance (n = normal thickness)
Thickness:  +(0,2 + 0,03n) / -(0,4 – 0,03n) mm
Deviation within panel: 0,6 mm
Deviation within width and length: +/- 3 mm
Angle tolerance: 1 mm/n
Thickness measured in accordance with EN 324-1
Angle squaereness in accordance with EN 324-2
Called thickness Layer Ø thickness
4mm 3 3,8 mm
6mm 5 6,1 mm
Dimension and thickness measured at 18% to 10% humidity

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