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DIY-120x30x30 - Do it yourself Kit

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ca. 10-14 days ca. 10-14 days (abroad may vary)
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RRP 184,50 EUR
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156,82 EUR per Piece

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Weight per unit: 15 kg

You need one Flightcase?
Why not build it by yourself and save money and time?
We offer all standard caseas as well Cases on your dimension as Do-It-Yourself-Kit .

  • fitted casemaker extrusion 30 x 30 mm
  • fitted lock extrusion
  • 8 x bullet corner
  • 8 x braces
  • 3 x lid hinges with lid stay
  • 2 x buterfly locks in dish
  • 2 grap handles in dish
  • rivits in different sizes accordingly to the fittings

To mount the DIY-Kit you need some craftmans ship experiance, one drill, one pen, one ruler , some time and space.
If you order Kit-Set Type 2 you ned also one jig-swa to to cut out the holes for the latches amd grips.

The DIY-Kit contains all materiual that you need to finisch your Case (rivets, Latches, Corner, Braces etc.....) All extrusion and material be cuted already to the specific dimension

Allthrue to the cost savings it will be fun to build your own case by yourselfe.