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Cable Twister twisting machine "Coil Up 1"

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Motor-Case "Coil Up 1"
ca. 8-10 days ca. 8-10 days (abroad may vary)
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Weight per unit: 14 kg
Cable Twister twisting machine "Coil Up 1"

This special case - named "Coil Up" is fitted out with a powerful industrial electric motor, accumulator and charger are integrated for independence. The "Coil Up"-Case can handle all diameters of spools from our system.

The "Coil Up 2" has 2 electric gears. You can change the speedrange by a switch: As usual 0-60 rpm for big spools (400 mm, "Coil Up Solo"), to the double speed (0-120 U/min) for small spools (200/250 mm). By this way you have the same speed of coiling up appr. 1 metre per second (20 meters speaker-cable at 20 seconds!)

Cable Twister Motorcase  " Coil Up 1" ("Coil Up 2")  
5,0 Nm nominal torque
25,0 Nm atrt uo torque
electroniccally controlable
Lenght of the axle:
length 130mm 

30mm diameter
axle made of hard PVC with steel pivot
0 - 60 min (Coil Up 1) or
0 - 120 min (Coil Up 2)
Changing by switsch 
(Coil Up 2)
1 (2)  pcs. Pb-accumulators  
„Long Life“
No Memory-Effekt 
12V / 6,8Ah 
Ansmann BCA 12-2 / 2 Ampere
 automatical charger